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C2i and HKUMed are now extending participation for the Healthy Human Global Project - HK!

Would you like to be part of a not-so-distant future where treatment are specifically designed for each one of us? The study is now recruiting Hong Kong residents aged 20 to 79.

The Healthy Human Global Project - Hong Kong (HHGP - Hong Kong) is a research study aiming to define the boundaries of a healthy immune system.

The complexity of the individual immune response has precluded thus far the identification of the genetic and environmental determinants involved.

Yet, knowledge of these parameters is essential to establish personalized and precision medical care.

We are applying the technological platform of this research study to provide a personalized patient management strategy that takes into account of individual genetics, previous infection history, resident microbiota, as well as personal lifestyle and environmental factors to define immune health.

Join us & earn $1000 supermarket coupons & free health assessment!

>>> More information and application at or Whatsapp 6507 4946.


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