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Meet Our Team: Anna Lee

Currently, Anna is a Research Assistant under Dr. Darragh Duffy and Prof. James Di-Santo for the Healthy Human Global Project - Hong Kong.

What is your background?

After completing my Bachelor's degree in Applied Biology with Biotechnology at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, I have worked at a biotech company in the fields of cancer genomics. Currently, I am studying medical laboratory science with medical microbiology as specialization at HKUSPACE to pursue a professional qualification related to medical laboratory.

  • What is your research interest?

I am interested in microbiology and immunology. My research interest is to investigate the relationship between different microorganism and body defense mechanisms, especially immune system, in both human and animals, to apply to therapeutic studies for drug and vaccine development.

  • Working at C2i

I love that I was able to get involved in the first stage of the Healthy Human Global Project – Hong Kong

as a Research Assistant. Currently, we are recruiting the participants in order to establish a healthy population cohort. My responsibility is to handle the blood samples including serum and plasma collection, PBMCs isolation and genomic DNA extraction for further immunological studies.


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