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Inside C2i | What is Ultracentrifugation?

A demonstration by Asad Murtaza.

The ultracentrifuge is used to isolate smaller sized particles, and study purified molecules and molecular complexes. As it spins down samples at a very high speed, it separates the various components of a solution based on their size and density, and the density (viscosity) of the medium (solvent). To separate the particles, gradient solution such as sucrose can be applied.

Watch the demonstration by Asad, our Research Associate working with Professor Leo Poon on C2i's Novel Vaccine Platforms For Influenza program. In this project, our research team aims to develop the next generation influenza vaccines to overcome the limitations to confront annual seasonal outbreaks of influenza as well as influenza pandemics. Currently, Asad is working on virus-like particles-based vaccine.

>>> Learn more about the project on Novel Vaccine Platforms For Influenza program


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