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Vector Control and Insecticide Resistance Presentation

Medical Entomologist and Biologist Sebastien Marcombe based in Laos came to C2i to collaborate with Tommy Lam's team and give us a presentation on Vector Control and Insecticide Resistance.


Dr Sebastien Marcombe, Medical Entomologist and Biologist.

During the past 15 years, I worked as a researcher for the Research Institute for the Development, France, at the Center for Vector Biology, Rutgers University, USA and the Pasteur Institute of Laos.

My main specialties as a scientist are Public Health vector control management (focused mainly on Dengue, Malaria and, other vector borne diseases), medical entomology, biochemistry and molecular biology of insecticide resistance mechanisms involved in dengue and malaria vectors.

Apart from the scientific aspect of my carrier, I have developed important management capacities. During my nine years in Laos, I have led a team of more than 20 technicians, junior scientists and locals on the field and in the laboratory during my different projects implemented in the country. My projects, aimed to fighting against malaria and dengue, allowed me to develop strong collaborations and partnerships with local authorities and ministries, specifically in Laos with the CMPE but also in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. I also have had the opportunities to work in different other Public Health settings such as the Caribbean and the USA.

These scientific activities, assembled with the development of capacity building and partnership with the government of Laos lead to a change in their policies of insecticide use in the country. I also actively participated in the elaboration of the National Strategic Plans to fight against Malaria and Dengue for the coming years.

(From left to right) Dr Elliott Miot, Dr Sebastien Marcombe, Dr Tommy Lam, Professor Leo Poon.


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